A consolidated business, split into three textile companies, boasting modern industrial facilities and a sales department which guarantees quality and maximum speed in satisfying the needs of the textile market.

Opened in 1984, SOFIL sells dyed and raw yarns.

TEXLIMA, opened in 1970, is split into:

  • a dyeing department for knitted (jersey, elasticised jersey, plush, terrycloth, piqué, fleece) and other (cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon and their blends) fabrics.
  • A finishing department for raw and dyed fabrics which uses stenters, shearing, raising, emerising, sanforising and tubular and open-width calendering equipment.

TINTEX has been processing yarns for third parties since 1947; it has two distinct production departments with highly diversified facilities for dyeing yarns on cones and dyeing yarns in hanks..

The company manages quantities ranging from 8-10 kg to 1,100-1,200 kg per colour bath with a daily production output of 10,000 kg. The facilities assure superior quality production geared to weaving for fashion and furnishings, knitted and shuttled, for circular and rectilinear knitwear and for rolls-yarns to be worked by hand.
The colour laboratory, equipped with a large and fully automated databank to create new colour recipes, caters to the most demanding needs in sampling new products.
Implementing production processes in line with environmental regulations, the company makes a data bank available to customers with a globalised archive of recipes for colouring yarns and fabrics using ranges of high affinity colorants and equivalent dyeing processes. These processes guarantee maximum metameric homogeneity (colour toning in the various types of light) in dyeing products which are different to each other (yarns/fabrics) which are then matched in subsequent transformation phases of the textile product (clothing).