Yarns sector

A) Twisting raw or dyed yarns on two or more garments (max. 12), using Savio double torsion equipment, final counts between Ne 6/1 to Ne 140/1

B) Singeing of raw or dyed yarns, using Rite machinery, final counts between Ne1 and Ne 100

C) Winding on soft cones metered for dyeing, using Savio machinery, final counts between Ne 6/1 to Ne 140/2

D) Dyeing of yarns in Cotton, Linen, Polyester (cotton or filament) of Viscose Flock, Acrylic, Nylon and Wool and their blends with direct (solid to light), reactive colorants or indanthrene (for cotton, linen and viscose flock), with disperse colorants (for polyester), with basic colorants (for acrylic), acid colorants (for wool and nylon) in cones, using Pozzi/Master machinery, and with double dyeing for mixed yarns.

E) Rewinding on truncated cone shaped cones, using Savio machinery, equipped with tools for electronic clearing and paraffining of raw or dyed yarns in cones (point D).

F) Reeling in hanks from 300 g to 750 g or 1000 g using Zerbo equipment, of yarns to dye in hanks with or without mercerising, final counts between Ne 6/1 to Ne 140/2

G) Mercerising in hanks weighing from 300 g to 1000 g using Meccanotessile systems.

H) Dyeing yarns of cotton (with or without previous mercerisation) linen, viscose flock, and acrylic, wool and their blends, with reactive colorants or indanthrene for cotton, linen and viscose flock, with acid colorants for wool and nylon, with basic colorants for acrylic in hanks, and with double dyeing for mixed yarns, using Bellini/Oben machinery.

I) Unwinding on truncated cone shaped cones using Savio machinery, fitted with tools for paraffining yarns dyed in hanks (see point H)